Tonight Tonight Tonight!

We are very happy to announce that we have SEVEN contestants in the contest tonight — one woman and six men! Since we only have one contestant in the Ms. Philadelphia Leather portion of the contest tonight, she will be competing to achieve a minimum number of points. It’s no less stressful for her and no less exciting for us! And don’t forget about the COMMUNITY VOTE! You get to vote onlinr for your favorite, Read more…

Did Someone Say Prizes?

‘The first runner up in each category will receive a medal and a $50 gift certificate to Passional Boutique! The winners in each category will receive a custom engraved medal, a beautiful back patch and custom-fitted vest both created by Wolfstryker Leather, a $100 gift certificate to Passional Boutique, and hotel + airfare + registration fee to compete at a national competition!

Applications for 2016 Are Now Available!

Applications for the Mr. and Ms. Philadelphia Leather 2016 contest are now available! We’re happy to announce that beginning this year we have instituted a completely online application process. No more digging around for stamps and envelopes! No more scanning and printing copies of your photo and ID! Welcome to the modern era! (took us long enough, we know…)