Wanna Run?

Excellent! Entering a leather contest can be many things: exciting, challenging, and fun. If you go in with the right mindset, you’ll make friends and connections that could open any number of doors for you. Win or lose, a contest can change your life.

You should go in with your eyes open and learn everything that’s expected of you. Attending other contests is a good way to prepare, but the producers caution you to be aware that the Philly contest is unique.

Judged Categories

Friday Night, before Meet & Greet:

1. Interview.

Saturday Night, during Contest:

2. Leather Image/Bar Wear.
3. Hot Wear.
4. Formal Wear / Speech.

There will be brief interludes between each judged category. All contestants should be prepared for fast changes.

Back Stage

Friday Night: On Friday you must arrive at the bar no later than 7:00 PM for orientation, walk-through, and private interview with the judges. The interview will be followed by a public Meet & Greet event.

Saturday Night: On Saturday you must arrive at the bar no later than 5:30 PM. You must bring all of your gear with you. You are allowed to have someone help pack your gear in and out of the backstage area, but helpers are not allowed to remain backstage or stay in the bar while it is closed to the general public. Your helpers are not permitted backstage during the contest. There will be contest staff on hand to assist you.

The contest is scheduled to last no more than two hours. The order of the categories are as displayed above. It would be to your benefit for you to plan your changes accordingly and stack the deck in your favor as much as possible.

Contestant Requirements

You must be 21 or over and live within a 60 mile radius of Philadelphia.

Contestant Application

All contestants must submit the online application found at the link below and submit it along with a picture and a copy of a state or federal issued identification showing legal name and date of birth (for age verification purposes only) before the deadline of MIDNIGHT SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 29.

Click here to apply!