Welcome to Philadelphia Leather 2020.

The Philadelphia community looks forward to coming together to to elect a new titleholder for this platform based on community engagement/development, Hedonism, living as your authentic self, and letting the world know how we do it in Philly.


We’re excited to introduce an all new format which we believe furthers our community’s mission to move towards a more truly intersectional event.

This year Philadelphia Leather will only be sashing one winner. Upon winning you may declare the sash that most closely matches your gender identity/expression between Mr, Ms, or Mx. We will support that contestant throughout their year here in Philadelphia and on to the International Contest of their choosing. So bring it contestants, there can only be one…….Welcome to the Thunder Dome!

Look here to receive updates about our contest including MC announcements, judge releases, performer spotlights, and any important updates for our attendees.

Now, for our stars of the event, our contestants. Philly leather has always prided itself on being a contest that supports authentic folks living their truth and shaking the mold. To win you will need to bring your best to the table. Be bold, stay true to you, and remember we like it philthy. Here is the application link:


To our next Philadelphia Leather titleholder we look forward to meeting you, protecting your mission,ensuring your growth, and creating something mutually beneficial for you and the community. Remember you have nothing to prove, but everything to share.


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